January 31, 2020


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What is at sun Surface? Video came out for the first time

The astronaut photographed a recently taken telescope in the US state of Hawaii, depicting the process of moving just 30 kilometers above the sun’s surface.

What is at sun level? Video came out for the first time
What is at sun level? Video came out for the first time

The magnificence of these photographs taken from Daniel’s Solar Telescope is such that a small part of the sun can be seen in them.

If you compare it to the fact that the Sun’s radius is about 16 million km and its distance from Earth is 149 million km, the significance of these latest images becomes a few.

The material in the picture above, which contains fire, hot gas and very hot liquid, looks exactly like human cells, actually less than the size of the United States of Texas.

The brightest spots in the video below are the ones where this set of fires and gases are picking up, while the dark lines around them are where the plasma is cooling and sinking into the surface.
Every second, the thermonuclear reaction in the center of the sun converts 5 million tonnes of hydrogen into pure energy.

This energy is subjected to magnetic storms through boiling gas, which breaks, rotates and crushes space with electric particles and radiation rains.

On Earth, it can close the power grid and blind the satellites. A recent study by scientists at the University of Warwick in England has concluded that the sun’s most powerful “superstorm” occurs once every 25 years.

Daniel’s Invoice Solar Telescope, or DK IST, has recently been installed and mounted on a volcano called Halika on an island in the state of Hawaii, with a height of 3,000 meters.

The centerpiece of the telescope is four meters (13 feet wide), the largest of all the world’s solar telescopes.

It should be noted that the telescope was named after the airman Senator Daniel Inouye, who passed away in 2012.