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BIG Secret To Ranking #1 On Google – Killer SEO Advice For 2019!

SEO Checklist 2019 — How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!)

BIG Secret To Ranking #1 On Google – Killer SEO

Advice For 2019!

BIG Secret To Ranking #1 On Google – Killer SEO
Advice For 2019!

Today I’m going to teach you the biggest SEO secret if you want to get free traffic . 

I got to tell you it doesn’t have anything to do with writing more content or getting backlinks or even your page speed in other words.

This has nothing to do with what the other guys are telling you works this is something diabolical that works like a charm hop in the backyard office. I’m going to show you exactly how my number one SEO trick works like a charm time. Again to get you more traffic for free.

Alright welcome inside I’m glad you’re here today we’re gonna talk to you about the biggest free traffic secret ever.

Now let’s dive in . let’s talk about this big secret now the first thing that must be noted which you should probably already know by now is that the key word is everything all right that’s not the secret but you gotta get it kind of preface it with that the key word is everything having the wrong keywords in SEO is gonna make or break you that’s plain . simple now once you have your keyword list how are you gonna rank for them . how you get ranked on Google . other search engines literally like instantly or within a couple of minutes because you know I’m kind of impatient.

I don’t like to wait around for months . months . months to get my first visitor to my site so you’re gonna notice some icons.

Here we’re gonna cover these icons in just a minute let’s go over to Google let’s take a look at what’s going on the biggest secret for SEO stuff is to go to Google here.

Type in your keyword all right so bear with me bear with me alright we’re gonna type in our word let’s say we’re going for chicken parmesan recipes okay here’s the thing Google actually tells you exactly what it wants because what it wants is ranking on the first page if they didn’t want to it wouldn’t be there now what do I mean by that well what I mean is here for chicken parmesan recipes you can see the competitions pretty hefty you got some kind of recipe up here some recipes down here . other things like that okay so very cool so we could see that they like recipe type sites we could go through we could look at these sites . be like okay yeah they want recipes the average recipe article is this long . this is how its laid out very simple right we can see that they obviously have ratings so having a rating is probably gonna get you as well now this is where it gets even better like if we do something like how to make chicken parmesan

what we’re gonna notice here is it starts to switch things up a little we got the recipes like on the one before but now we got videos hey pretty cool right

The article you were gonna write for SEO . put some screenshots to it okay so very cool we see videos there now on some other search terms it will change as well like we have a list of different recipes here.

Take a look at another keyword let’s say we want to go for something like make money online now again we see some ads up here we see some kind of article here. We see videos again really important . we can keep scrolling down. See if there’s something like a forum or something like a message board where people are posting. Commenting . stuff like that where you can actually get involved in your market right so you can go out there. You can get backlinks . hopefully it’ll work or you could go to a site that’s already ranking put your own backlink up there get traffic instantly . then eventually you’ll start to get ranking as well but you’re gonna get traffic instantly

BIG Secret To Ranking #1 On Google - Killer SEO Advice For 2019!
BIG Secret To Ranking #1 On Google – Killer SEO
Advice For 2019!

Which is cool now also notice here on make money online we also have images right really really important so we got images down here which is really cool right so lot less competitive for images than it is for actual search engine rankings

okay so we can get our image ranked pretty easily now let’s say we wanted to search for something like Italian food now first of all spell it right unlike me . we look at Italian food.

Now we could see Italian food near us which is like the map thing so obviously if I wanted to rank for this I would need to get involved in those maps now here’s something kind of interesting I didn’t really expect to see for Italian food but we got to remember the word Italian food overall in the entire world gets a lot of traffic so we got a look at this.  We got to think . put our thinking caps on right now we’re gonna see down here hey check this out it says top stories so there’s actually stories news stories about Italian food . They get ranked on Google which means that if I did a press release which is a news story about Italian food I could probably start to get picked up for some of my keywords like that yes that’s exactly what I mean check it out there’s not that much competition for Italian food like this one was June 7 June 6 May 31 right not a whole lot of stuff .

It’s not directly related to the word Italian food so like this is something you can do right this is a way to get in on trends .

SEO Checklist 2019 — How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!)
SEO Checklist 2019 — How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!)

Get lots of traffic so I better than spending months to get your first visitor right I mean that’s what I like to do now here’s an interesting one for like bodybuilding workout log you can see images pop up here which is really cool we got forums that pop up that we can get involved in .

Start answering questions . Lead people back to our site here’s some more forums more forums .

Then hey check this out there’s actually a PDF that ranks for a bodybuilding workout log interesting we also have Amazon that’s ranking which means I could put up a simple bodybuilding workout log put it on Amazon .

Probably use Amazon to rank my thing . Give it away for $0.99 or something like that here’s another PDF here right so we could actually see exactly what Google wants by doing a little search . Then we literally just give Google what at once . We start to rank really really really fast now this doesn’t work on super competitive words like make money online but you might be able to get something like bodybuilding workout log which will get you a decent amount of traffic while you’re trying for the bigger word so what I want you to remember is that for each search term you’re going after there’s gonna be certain things on Google that literally is like a road map telling you what Google wants whether it’s something like an image whether it’s something like news whether it’s a map type thing whether it’s videos whether it’s shopping sites for example if we go over here .

We do cheapest laptop right you’re gonna see shopping sites up here which we can get in the shopping sites like that you can see different review sites .




Things like that really really cool really easy we could also see videos right so you’re gonna see different things that Google wants . The other search engines one as well for the stuff that works really good you might see articles if you see articles what kind of articles are they what does Google seem to be ranking that’s how your content should be structured you also might see things like review sites different types of attachments or PDFs or spreadsheets or things like that Facebook groups oftentimes show up in the search engines .




Pinterest as well so what I want you guys to do is number one pick a good keyword if you don’t know how to pick a good keyword check out the video that’s going to pop up at the end of this video I’ll also put it in the description very important for keyword research that’s the one thing I’ve been doing for 20 years that’s made me the most money is picking the right keyword .

That’s what you should do as well . Then also go through . Look at what’s ranking follow along that guide give Google what at once . Watch your traffic grow pretty much overnight if you do it the way that I teach you if you like this kind of stuff again make sure you subscribe click the bell notification .

If you want me to teach you all the traffic methods . Everything about affiliate marketing . SEO .

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