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How to Identify Facebook Fake Profile?


Facebook was made for Connecting People around the World. But some people are misusing it by creating fake profiles and It happened to me, Someone was using a girls account with a Beautiful Girl’s Picture and I was suspicious on that account if it is fake on not, so I searched and found a awesome trick that allows you to Identify if the account is fake or not.  To Find out which profiles are fake and which profiles are real we can use a simple method. We can find out with the help of google Images.

Fake accounts created to imitate real people are not allowed on Facebook.

How to Identify Facebook Fake Profiles?

Google now allows the user to search by image instead of texts, With the help of google images today we will identify fake profiles

Go to, When you go there you will find an option Search by Image. We have to use that option. You can see a Camera icon there which is highlighted in the pic click on that.

After you Click on Search by Image a box will pop us as shown below. We have to Enter the Profile photo url of the account which you are suspicious about.
Now go back to facebook profile you want to Identify if its fake or real. Right click on the profile picture and copy image url.
Now go back to and paste the url you copied.
And Finally we have the Result Listed Below. Many Accounts with the same profile pictures that means it is a fake account.
This is How you Can Find Facebook Fake Profiles.
Facebook also gives an Option to report facebook fake accounts. You can report facebook fake account by going to fake profile you will see an Option there Report account click on that and select facebook fake profile option.
Note :- This method helped me and i hope it also help you to Identify fake accounts. If your having any questions about this post please comment below.

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