5G smartphones shipment in China report

Huawei also prepares new products in preparation for 5G in Pakistan

5G smartphones Sales in China exceed 13 million in 2010

Recently the Ministry of industry and information Technology released a statistical information for the Telecom industry in china. The Graph show that as at the end of 2019, 35 Chinese 5G Smartphones have network access licenses.


The 5G Smartphones market has shipped the 13.77 million 5G Phones. After the official commercialization of license in the china the 5G user would increase further. China had over 130000 5 G stations in over all china. The number of the user of the smart phone are increase 1 million per month.

Distribution of Traffic

In the term of the traffic the smart phone user will use 30% of the internet using the short video applications in 2019. The consumption of the mobile data is increase by the 122 billion GB, an increase of 71.6% over the previous years.


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