Call of Duty: Warzone hits over 6 million players in one day

Call of Duty: Warzone hits over 6 million players in one day

The new mode in the Call of Duty line is out on the 10th of march less than two days ago and managed tp gain over 6 million players in the first twenty four hours alone.

The Warzone is a battle royale game that drop 150 players on the battle field and pits them against each other. Player can choose from the two different modes: The Plundr mode and battle Royale Mode. The plunder mode assingns you the task of collect the money through the Loot, stealing and completing the different contract in the game. On the Other Hand Battle Royale mode lets players play against one another.

Warzone Come with new additional feature to its previous version, this feature allow the players to play against eliminated player in the battle to get reincarnated into the game.

Its free to download game as a add on to the Call of Duty: Modern warfare or just as standalone game. Warzone can be played on the PS$, XBOX one or just on Your PC.

Th game will consume about 80 GB’s worth of internal storage for people downloading it as a standalone game. The add-on feature to Modern Warfare will take up around 20 GB’s.

Call of Duty: Warzone is said to be competing with the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends, both of which got off to flying starts when they were first released. Fortnite took a couple of weeks to reach 10 million players while Apex Legends set the record by only taking three days to reach the milestone. With Warzone only taking twenty-four hours to reach 6 million, the latest release could well be on its way to break the three-day record set by Apex Legends.

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