Great News Sargodha University will provide 100% Online Education In Pakistan Hec

Sargodha Higher Education Commission has declared Sargodha University as 100% ready for the provision of online education. Ranked 13th in the rankings.

Conducted a survey to test the readiness for the provision of online education. The efficient use of technology for online education, online education testing system, library, laboratory, courses, faculty, and students were reviewed.

The provision of quality education by the faculty. The availability of internet facilities to the students was surveyed in the survey. Sargodha University is one of the universities in Pakistan which in March after the lockdown due to the coronavirus Launched online classes by transferring to the online medium. Sargodha University has adopted a multi-pronged approach to overseeing online education to provide quality education to the students. Students who were facing problems in internet availability have been given the facility to freeze the semester. Developed its Learning Management System (LMS) which also set up a course bank for online teaching. The spokesperson said that the preparation of foolproof software to ensure online conduct of examinations should be completed before next month’s scheduled examinations. According to the HEC survey, the share of Sargodha University was 100% in terms of online preparation.

100% in online facilities, 100% in online education testing system, 99.43% in course preparation, 90.78% in terms of faculty preparation for online education. Regarding the preparation of students for online education, the share of Sargodha University was 85.71% due to the ongoing spring semester 2020 in the university.

There were online classes and the university has also submitted a survey report on internet connection access as per the guidelines issued by HEC and set up a grievance cell under the Director Student Affairs to investigate and resolve the issues faced by the students. This solved many of the students’ problems, including semester freezes, internet access, and others that were not included in the HEC’s rankings.