YouTube Testing Has improved Multilingual user Experience Reports

It is observed that Google-owned YouTube is testing new features and options implemented in the app to enhance the user experience. The company is always focused on innovating features, especially in the research area.

Recently, Google has begun experimenting with a feature that is in a record and published on YouTube. Now the company has begun testing a feature that allows users to easily find videos that interest them. It is observed that YouTube engineers are developing a new button that will enable users to change voice search languages ​​right on the app’s input screen.


The new feature will be very useful for multilingual users or those who want to use voice search across multiple cultures. This feature will allow users to find content that is not available in the language. They have set up in their YouTube settings. This option will allow users to customize voice search by language.

The company hopes the new test will help YouTube’s voice search system better account for multilingual speakers. The new feature will be ideal for users who watch videos from different countries. However, content from other countries often does not appear in search results because those videos are from countries other than files inserted in the default settings of the YouTube app.

An additional positive point in this update is the fact that Google better serves users who are multilingual, as the option will allow them to search for video themes related to their language. Since the company typically runs these types of experiments with very few users, its feature is only visible to a few users.


New User

When a user is added to a new test. The blue banner will appear on the voice input screen. The banner provides additional details for beta testers. According to the company, the language selector is available for all languages ​​supported by Cloud Speech to Text. These languages ​​are listed on the official website of Google Cloud.

Uzbek, Burmese, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and Estonian are some of the languages ​​supported by Cloud Speech to Text. However, it is not yet clear whether users will have to go through a large list of all these languages ​​when switching, or whether most used languages ​​will be readily available to them.