TikTok report says Pakistan asked 1 request user info in the first half of 2019

TikTok report says Pakistan

TikTok report says Pakistan
TikTok report says Pakistan

For the first time, Tick Tack has released a transparency report. In this report, the company claims that it did not receive a request for information from China in the first half of 2019. The company has received most of its applications from India. tiktok received 107 requests about 143 accounts in India. The company provided information on 47% of the requests.

After India, most requests were made from the United States. From where the company received 79 requests about 255 accounts. Tokyo provided information on 86% of requests. The most sought after information from Japan was 35 times after the United States.
tiktok received a request from Pakistan to provide information on only one user.

The company did not provide any information about it to Pakistan. During this period, the company received a total of 298 applications from 28 countries.
tiktok received a total of 3345 requests for copyright removal. The company removed the copyrighted material, complying with 85% of those requests.
The report is an attempt by tiktok owner, Byte Dance, to convince US law enforcement agencies that the Chinese government is not using tiktok to spy on US citizens.

Earlier this week, the US Army and the Navy banned installing tiktok applications on government-provided phones. According to a report, Byte Dance intends to sell most of its shares so that the US The Company may have sufficient capital in the event of reservations or restrictions.

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