15% increase in internet usage in Pakistan

15% increase in internet usage in Pakistan
15% increase in internet usage in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Internet usage has increased by about 15% in one week.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has released the latest information obtained from telecom operators, suggesting that there has been a significant increase in internet usage following actions against the Carona virus in Pakistan.

According to the PTA, internet usage has increased 15% in recent times and is due to ‘dealing with home-to-office work’.

Online activities of educational and enterprises have increased after lockdown across Pakistan. Educational institutions are taking online classes while employees of the corporate sector sit at home and perform online services. Media houses and banks have also allowed very few staff to come to the office.

According to the PTA, internet access to the needs of the country is satisfactory. PTA is examining the use of the Internet to ensure the availability of fast and efficient telecom services to consumers during this difficult time.


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