France would take against digital companies if they don’t collect digital tax

France would take against digital companies who don't collect digital tax
France would take against digital companies who don’t collect digital tax

(Urdu point newspaper – APP – 24 February 2020) France has said that if global digital companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook do not start collecting digital tax by the end of the seventh year, the situation will create chaos. , While the US says the digital tax is discriminatory against US companies that will be answered in the same way.

These views were expressed by French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mare during a meeting of the G20 countries. There is no recovery system on which the international community should adopt a unified approach. He said that this would be the first time that there will be widespread debate among G20 countries about the importance of a new international tax system, with digital companies without any external presence. Many countries in the world are earning huge profits but they do not get taxed in that proportion, In addition to solving the problem, we also have to solve the minimum tax issue.

He said that all the member countries of the group agreed that the matter should be resolved by the end of this year (2020), if no agreement could be reached then the issues of these companies with different taxation. They said that we should be clear whether by the end of 2020 the international tax system has to be compromised or the old situation is in place, the new agreement will be in the interest of all countries and digital companies. The pressure for taxation at the individual level will increase by the United Nations.

On the other hand, US Secretary of State Steven Manuchen said that if the digital companies were to be taxed, the United States could also retaliate. They said that a dialogue with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is under way to resolve the issue and it is expected to be resolved by the end of this year, However, efforts by France and other countries for the digital tax system will be resisted.

Steven Manouchein said digital services tax discrimination against digital companies, especially a handful of US companies to which the US president would respond

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