New Redmi 10X is live on 26 May

New Redmi 10X
New Redmi 10X

New Redmi 10X is live on 26 May

Xiaomi has unveiled its Redmi Note 9 series around the world. But the company has not launched it in China. Now the company has decided to launch the basic Redmi Note 9 as Redmi 10X in China. Xiaomi has also unveiled official posters revealing the phone’s launch date. The next Redmi 10X will begin on May 26 at 2 p.m., local time. The new Redmi 10X is coming on May 26

Interestingly, it will not be the only smartphone to launch on May 26. According to some reports, there will be two more phones – Redmi 10X 5G, and Redmi 10X Pro 5G. This means that we will see the latest version of the Note 9 in China.

New Redmi 10X
New Redmi 10X

As we mentioned above, the Redmi 10X with LTE will be a rebranded Redmi Note 9 in China. This means that the phone will display the same specs as the normal model. The leaked photos have revealed that the upcoming 10X 5GB will come with a triple camera setup. Rumors also claimed that it would be a cheap 5G phone for those who could not afford the high cost.

In addition, the 10X Pro will come with a 5G LED flash and a rear quad camera setup. It has also been revealed in these pictures that the fingerprint scanner is not visible in both the smartphones. It is possible that both 5G phones may have OLED screens.

However, no information is available about the key specs of both the phones. But we hope to get more official information in the coming days. However, the launch of affordable 5G phones will create an environment for developing countries to introduce 5G connectivity in their countries.

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