January 30, 2020


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Samsung adds a cheaper model to its Galaxy Book QLED laptop line

Samsung adds a cheaper model to its Galaxy Book QLED laptop line

Galaxy Book QLED laptop line
Galaxy Book QLED laptop line

Samsung is expanding its Galaxy Book Laptop Line to a cheaper model in 2020. Galaxy Book Flex Alpha is a slim and lighter 13-inch notebook with Q LED display. It will be offered for sale in the first half of 2020 for $ 830. The expensive Galaxy Book Ion and Flex are priced at $ 1100 and $ 1400.
The Galaxy Book is the first laptop of the iPhone and the Galaxy Samsung, with a Q LED screen.

In “Outdoor Mode” these laptops can have BrightNess 600 nits. Similar to expensive laptops, Flex Alpha uses the same technology, it can have the same luminous ness and it runs on Phil HD.
These laptops are quite light. The Galaxy Book Flex Alpha weighs 1.19kg, the Flex weighs 1.1kg (1.5kg of the 15-inch model) and the GalaxyBook Ion weighs 0.9kg (the 15-inch model weighs 1.1kg).

The Galaxy Book Flex Alpha has a thickness of 13.9 mm, while the other two models have a thickness of 12.9 mm.
Like Flex and Ion, Flex Alpha also has fingerprint sensor on the keyboard for security. It has 2 USB 3.0 jacks, 1 USB-C socket, an HDMI slot and a microSD card reader. Samsung didn’t even remove the headphone jack in it.

To make the new laptop cheaper, Samsung has added 54 watts of battery instead of 69.7 watts. Flex Alpha’s graphics processor is also limited. Older laptops have an Iris Pro or Nvidia MX250 processor while Flex Alpha has added Intel UHD. Flex and Ivan support SSDs with 1 TB of storage while Flex Alpha is 512GB storage. Older laptop has up to 16GB while it has up to 12GB.
The rest of these laptops have hardware such as Wi-Fi 6, tenth generation Intel Core processor and stereo speakers.
In addition to these laptops, Samsung will also launch the Galaxy Book S in the US market in the first quarter of 2020.