January 31, 2020


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Transformer robot in real Life World’s Biggest Man

World's Biggest Man
World’s Biggest Man

Experts have termed it a masterpiece of technology and engineering, which is just getting harder to prepare. The total weight of the robot is about 25 tons.

The robot is named ‘Gandam’, a character from Japan’s famous cartoon series in 1979. It reflects both Japanese culture and love of technology.

The Gundam Robot is depicted in cartoons with a giant samurai sword. After that, Gandam was featured in novels, stories and more than 50 TV series and films.

After that, the Transformer series is also influenced by it. Its small toys still sell for hundreds of millions.

Although its high-end designs have been made, the Gundam will be different and will be able to step up. To prepare it, a Gundam factory has been set up where the robot is working day and night. It has infinite motors, sensors, thousands of electrical appliances and excavators. With the design and manufacture of all of its components it was a difficult task to keep the weight to a certain extent, which continues to be smooth.

The second difficult task is to keep the robot balanced, which is seriously under consideration. When Gundam character creator Yoshi Yuki was invited to see the robot, he became furious and criticized the design.

Instead of innovating in designing a 40-year-old robot, the reverse has made it more outdated, he said. Engineers listened to their suggestions and developed robots accordingly.

The Charmanzilla animated robot will be placed at Yokohama’s main entertainment destination.