What Google knows about you

Another good news for Google users
Another good news for Google users

What Google knows about you

When you use Google and its services, you do so under a mutual agreement. Google does not charge your service fee and you allow it to access your information. This information is about the activities you do on the Internet. Google shares this information with its advertising partners, based on which ads they show you.

In other words, your Google usage fees are paid by Google’s advertisers.
Google uses a variety of methods to track your activity and information. When you sign up for Gmail, Google will find your name, phone number, location and more. As you continue to log in and visit sites other than Google on the net, the wealth of information on Google continues to grow.

Google saves all users’ information on the “Web & App Activity Page (click here). Finding this page is a bit difficult for users. Users can visit the Ads Settings page (click here) to see that Google What do you think of them?
The Ad Settings page lists all the activities that are organized based on your activity. You can also make changes to them. Advertisers use this page to show you ads.

If you do not want your activity records on Google, you can delete them as well. For this, you must first log in to Google and enter the URL https: / Go to /history.google.com/history.
Check out all-time history here. Here you will see all the websites you have visited while signed in to Google.
This list can contain thousands of records. You can delete this list all at once, but then Google has the option of deleting the list all at once. You can delete a record in a snap.

Click the checkbox beside Today and press the Delete button that appears at the top. The record will expire one day after verification. To delete a record of all your activity from Google at once, come back to the Web & App Activity page and click the three dots in the upper right corner. Then click on Delete Option and then click on Advance and select All Time.
That way you will miss the record of the websites you visit, but there is still a lot that Mr. Google has handled. Clean it too.

Now click the menu button at the top left of the screen. From the menu here, you’ll find that Google also maintains your voice record, device location, and YouTube record.

You can see which of your Google actions have been saved by visiting these pages. You can also delete them after viewing. On Google Voice and Audio Activity I can listen back to all the voice sources you have done via mic on mobile or device. If all Google Voice and Audio To delete the activity simultaneously, just like Web & App Activity, click on the three dots in the top right, select the Deletion option and then Advance and select All Time.
Google will warn you to ignore and delete all voice and audio activity.

Likewise, from the menu in the top left, go to the Device Information page. Here you will see the devices that you log into daily. You can also delete them together by clicking the three dots in the top right.

After you visit the Location History page, you will find your daily location information on Google Maps.
You can delete these daily locations immediately with the delete icon, if you want to delete all location data, click on the settings button in the bottom right. Delete all Location Data by clicking delete all Location History from the menu that appears. You can also download a copy of the data by clicking download a copy of all your data before deleting the data. The data can also be uploaded to the drive in a custom format such as zip and so on. ۔ It may take a few hours for the data to be collected and uploaded to your Drive.

YouTube Watch History and YouTube Search History can likewise be deleted by clicking on the three dots in the top right.

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