February 7, 2020


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WhatsApp Dark Mode feature

WhatsApp Dark Mode feature

Another option has been updated in the WhatsApp Dark Mode feature.

According to the details, the Dark Sold wallpapers have been added to the WhatsApp’s Dark Mode feature.

Remember that the promise of introducing the Dark Mode feature in WhatsApp was promised in 2018, which has now been fulfilled.

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With this update users will be able to use 6 new dark colors as wallpapers in chat wallpapers.

Dark Mode has previously been featured in a number of applications, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Messenger.

Note that this new addition will help to improve the Dark mode because if the light colors wallpaper with the Dark mode are inactivated, the screen light remains luminous and the Dark theme is of no use.

Because darker wallpapers will make WhatsApp chats look better in Dark Mode.

Currently, this feature is still available to all users, but it does not have the new 6 dark colors.

This feature will give users the opportunity to choose Light or Dark theme.

It should be noted that users using beta option can go to settings and see in chats and themes there but Android users will need new beta version of WhatsApp (2.20.13) to use.