WhatsApp features that you were unaware of now easier to use(sach tv news)

Whatsapp users reached 2 billion
Whatsapp users reached 2 billion

WhatsApp features that you were unaware of, now easier to use

Animated or GIF images can be exchanged in the WhatsApp. People usually us third parties applications like Jiffy or others who are present in the default messaging service.
But did you know that WhatsApp also has a feature that allows you to create and send a GIF image yourself?
This feature was introduced in WhatsApp last year but still millions are not aware of it.

it is also very easy to use this feature for which first open WhatsApp.
Then open the chat window to which you want to send an animated image and click on the attachment icon in the chat box and navigate to the gallery option.
Select the video from the phone gallery that you want to use for the GIF image.
When selected, the WhatsApp preview of the video will appear in front of you, if its duration is longer than 6 seconds, trim or cut off the extra part and skip the 6-second portion of your choice.
Doing so will bring you the Video Camera and GIF options, click on the GIF of it, WhatsApp will automatically turn this video into an animated image.

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