February 15, 2020


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When and how did “radio” begin in Saudi Arabia?( NAWA e Waqat)

When and how did "radio" begin in Saudi Arabia?( NAWA e Waqat)

When and how did “radio” begin in Saudi Arabia?( NAWA e Waqat)

When King Abdulaziz Al-Saud (RA) established Saudi Arabia in 1932 When he felt the need to be aware of internal information and external news. For this purpose, a private radio system was established that began to provide the information and news needed to the founders of the state.

In 1949, the decision was made to transmit the radio broadcast to the public, according to research by Naif-ul-Haul, a media lecturer at King Saud University. Earlier, the Mecca radio was only heard in Hijaz.

In view of the importance of radio in Saudi society, King Saud bin Abdul Aziz (who was then the guardian of the state) proposed to his father to set up a radio station in Saudi Arabia. Shah Abdul Aziz, in agreement with this proposal, issued a royal decree in 1949 regarding the establishment of the first national radio station.

That same year, Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with the American company “International Electronic Corporation“. The signing took place at the Saudi Embassy building in Cairo.

The text of the agreement included the installation and operation of a radio system, as well as the duties to operate and maintain it. The project consisted of 16 radio transmitters. There were 2 medium view, 3 regular view and 11 short view. The broadcasts were heard in Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq in addition to Saudi Arabia.

Under the plan, a central control and operation room was established in the city of Jeddah. In addition, a radio studio was built in Mecca for all the equipment. The purpose was to broadcast the program directly from places of worship during the Hajj season.

During the Hajj season in 1949, regular broadcasting began for the first time on Jeddah Radio officially for public.

The power of this radio station was no more than 3 kW. Initially, it was adapted for broadcasting official news and religious programs as well as certain literary productions. During this time, the daily broadcast period was no more than three hours.

In the year 1955, the second decree of the kingdom, Rua Shah Saud bin Abdul Aziz (may Allah be pleased with him) issued a royal decree. By this decree, Saudi radio was made an independent authority.