Xiaomi MI Wireless Earphones 2 in Best Price
Xiaomi MI Wireless Earphones 2 in Best Price

Xiaomi has recently announced two new products under its brand Redmi: AirDots 2 and Redmi Wireless Earphones 2. Redmi Air Dots was previously called a cheap AirPods killer and offered a number of active cancellations and support for Bluetooth 5.0. The Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphone 2 (ME AirDots Pro 2) promises to play music for up to 14 hours of music streaming, carries a 14.2 mm Dynamic Driver Package and facilitates ambient noise cancellation, but are they worth considering? 

The earphones come with the audio codec LDHC Hi-Res. Other functions include smart voice buttons, dual noise cancellation microphone (ENC). It is also well equipped with a 14.2mm audio driver for better audio performance. The earphones are designed to be attached to phones that run MIUI when the earphones are removed from the case.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Earphones 2

You also get volume and track shift touch buttons, and voice control. In fact, the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Earphones come with an infrared sensor for intelligent wear tracking, which stops automatically when you remove them.

As reported, Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 comes with a price tag of €22.99 (US$ 24). It only comes in white, and Xiaomi promises it will soon release.