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Top 10 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Should Be Know

Top 10 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Should Be Know

Top 10 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Should Be Know

Everyday in a world new apps releases every day, But WhatsApp retains its top Search when it comes to messaging services. And, moreover, it positively is one of the foremost contestants for the most used app of all time. People around world love WhatsApp for its reliability and effortlessness. We open the app, tap on the contact, enter the message and press send. That’s it, we are done.

However, you will be totally wrong if you think that its simplicity represents a lack of features. It is as feature filled as any other messaging app out there. It is just good at hiding those features in plain sight. That’s what makes it so successful. But it’s time to write on WhatsApp has added a lot of features since then. So, here are the best WhatsApp tricks you should be using on your iPhone or Android smartphone:

1. Add Filters to Pictures Before Sending (iPhone only support the feature)

What effortless way to start the list than the latest feature addition to WhatsApp app. Dejectedly, right now it’s for iPhone users supported only. Now, whenever we are sending a photo using WhatsApp you will see a small text saying, “Swipe up for filters”.


While swiping up, we will find a set of filters we can apply to your photos, as like on Instagram. Right now, there are only 6 filters available but we are anticipated to increase with future updates. Also, now when we send four or more photos at once on WhatsApp app you will realized that the photos will be send inside an album and hence, will not seize your chats like before.

2. Use Google Assistant or Siri to  Send Messages on WhatsApp Android App

 Lets Assume we need to send a message to someone and we are in not in mood or not able to type  message (circumstance where typing option is not available) then what will you do? Don’t’ worry dear, Whatsapp provided a new feature, where you can send message using voice command assistant on your phone and it supported in both google assistant and siri.


What we need to do for Android users can call out “Ok Google” to launch the assistant and say the following command, “Send a message to <Contact Name> on WhatsApp”. It will then ask you to order the message. After you have spoken the message, the assistant will ask you to confirm sending the message. Just say, “Yes” or “Send it” to send the message. The technique is same for the iOS users with the only modification of calling on Siri (“Hey Siri”) rather than Google Assistant.


3. WhatsApp Allow Two-Step Verification

These days most people use WhatsApp app for conversation, it is crucial to protect our data. There are a lot of tips and tricks which we can use to protect our WhatsApp conversation like use lock app etc.. . Though, this is a new one and a needed addition to our whatsapp security. someone e could hack your chat records and even keep an eye on your future conversations is by just logging into your account on a different device. Anyone who has access to your device even for a few seconds could easily do that. Enabling Two-Step Verification will stop that from fraud.


When we enable Two-Step Verification, whenever someone tries to login with your account on any other device, other than providing the OTP, they will also have to enter a six-digit code set up by you, thus preventing them from getting access to your account. To enable it, head over to WhatsApp Settings>Account>Two-step Verification. Tap on Enable and then it will ask for a six-digit code. Re-enter the code to verify it and enter your email address as a backup. That’s it, you are done and more secure than ever before. For more details on WhatsApp’s two-step verification.


4. Disable Notification Previews

Protecting our WhatsApp account is one important thing, hiding your messages from snooping eyes is another. By default, whenever we got a notification, you can see a screening of the message on the lock screen and while that is handy, anyone using your phone can see the screenings of your personal messages. To stop the preview feature on the iPhone, go to WhatsApp Settings>Notifications>Show Preview and inactivate it.


The technique is a little bit different on Android user, as there is no inbuilt WhatsApp setting to disable it. On Android you must go to Android Settings>Notifications>Notification Settings and select “Hide sensitive notification content”. Though, you need to keep in mind that this will disable preview for all the messaging apps and other important apps.


5. Listen to Voice Messages Secretly Without Earphones

Lets assume  you got a voice message from your friends or relatives, unfortunately, but you don’t have a headphone with you, what will you do? Of course, you cannot listen to it on a speaker as people around you will also be listening in on your private message. Do not worry there’s a method for resolving this problem.

You just have to play the voice message and place your phone right on your ear, as if you are taking a call. The closeness sensor will activate and instead of playing the message through speakers, it will play the message on your earpiece, so that only you can hear it.

6. Display Your Status to a few people

WhatsApp Status on your WhatsApp is a fantastic way to let numerous people know about something at the same time without you having to send messages to them. With the addition of the new photos & videos status, more and more people are sharing their photos and thoughts using it. But, what if, we don’t want everyone to see your status. What if you just want a select set of people to see your status.


Here we do that by handling the settings in the Status option. Just go to WhatsApp Settings>Account>Privacy>Status. Here we will three options, you can share your status will all your contacts, or you can add specific contacts with whom you want to share your status with. You can also dismiss specific contacts from seeing your status while everyone else on your contact list can see them.

7. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts (Android only)

One disadvantage of using WhatsApp is that everybody you know is also using WhatsApp. Even though this is a good feature, it can also result in a lot of junk messages. we might also want to use different WhatsApp account for work and personal purposes. While, WhatsApp doesn’t allow us to connect two different accounts on a single device basically, you can use third-party apps to achieve that on Android. we can do that by simply installing an app called Parallel Space which allows you to run two different instances of WhatsApp on your device. The app not only lets you use multiple WhatsApp accounts, even it brings you separate notifications for both the accounts.


You can also use multiple WhatsApp accounts on your PC with the All-in-one Messenger Chrome app. The app also supports other messaging platforms like as Messenger, Hangouts, and Skype.

8. How to Share GIFs, Files or Create GIFs in WhatsApp

Now on WhatsApp we can share of different types of documents, like PDF, DOCX, PPTX etc. This is recent feature addition into WhatsApp. Along with documents, we can even share GIFs and your current location using WhatsApp. To share your location or document, just tap on the attachment icon and select your pick. From here we can also directly share GIFs which are already stored on Android and iPhone phone.


You can create a GIF inside WhatsApp itself. Record a video of six seconds or less and WhatsApp automatically give you an option to trim the clip. At the top right corner, change the format from video to GIF by tapping on the slider as shown in the picture. keep in mind that you will only get the option to create gif when your video is lesser than 6 seconds long.


9. How to Edit Images Before Sending on WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, you now can quickly markup and do basic editing of your photos from right inside WhatsApp. When you click a picture or select one photo from the gallery, you will see different options at the top. You can crop and rotate the image. You can also add text, emojis and can even doodle on it if you want to.


10. Format Text

Now you can set-up your text while sending messages on WhatsApp. You can either change the font or you can change the format of the text to make it bold or italics or strike-through any text. WhatsApp uses a very simple rise language method to achieve that. The new font announced by WhatsApp is called FixedSys. To format your text in FixedSys, you just have to use grave accent (`) character 3 times before and after your text. The character can be edited by iPhone users on their phones by long pressing on the apostrophe, while the Android keyboard features it on the second page of symbols. On Windows and macOS, you will find the character just below the Esc key.



To Enabled your text bold, just add a star (*) and for italics add an underscore(_) at the start and end of the line or word. For instance, writing *bold* will make it bold and _italics_ will make it italics. We can also add ~ at the start and the end to create strike-through for a text. See the below pictures for more clarity.

Whatsapp tricks of 2018 WhatsApp tricks and hacks. thanks for reading this article.

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