Consumers lose $ 3.5 billion to Hackers

Consumers lose $ 3.5 billion to Hackers
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Consumers lose $ 3.5 billion to Hackers

According to the FBI, consumers through cybercrime have lost three and a half billion dollars.

The issue of cybercrime is becoming more serious around the world, the foreign broadcaster said. Established in 2000, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the US intelligence agency, has received more than 4,746,361 complaints, compared to 13,633 in the last one year alone.

The report states that the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate betweenFAke and the actual copy. Last year, the FBI’s complaints center received complaints from 48 countries, the majority of complainants being over 60 years old. In 2019, a total of $ 5.4 million will be seized through hacking.

The report states that hackers seek a ransom to lock a computer and re-use it, a process known as “ransomware.” In one year, hackers earned around $ 9 million in this way.

According to complaints received by the FBI, consumers who have been the victims of cybercrime so far have lost a total of three and a half billion dollars.

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