The world’s most dangerous missile

The world's most dangerous missile
The world’s most dangerous missile

The world’s most dangerous missile

In early January, Discussion  broke out across the world due to missiles.

On January 3, the United States fired a missile and killed the Iranian general, Qasim Sulaimani. Then, on January 8, Iran fired several ballistic missiles at US military bases in Iraq. On the same day, the unfortunate aircraft of the Ukrainian Airlines became the target of Iranian missiles.

The crash killed 176 people, including 130 Iranians. Missiles have become an important weapon in modern wars because of which a country can do huge damage to its enemy from long distance. That’s why all world powers are spending a lot of money to build sophisticated missiles so they can dominate the world.

Recently Russia introduced the latest missiles, spreading the sensation in US and European countries. Russia’s tremendous development in the field of missiles has caused a significant stir for US forces. The US general is calling it a dangerous development.
It was 1983, US President Ronald Reagan announced that the United States would develop a missile defense system to counter the Soviet Union’s nuclear blast missiles. He called the system “Strategic Defense Initiative.” This project is also commonly called “Star Wars”. President Reagan founded the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization in 1984 to put the project into practice. Scientists and engineers related to the organization began to conduct research and experiments to develop missile defense systems.

For example, sending spacecraft to space-based missiles that destroy laser-bombing and cruise missiles at enemy sites. So the Soviet rulers were forced to allocate huge sums to make better ballistic missiles. The latest Russian ballistic missiles were able to balance power by dogging the American missile defense system.

The problem was that the Soviet government was in a financial crisis. Now that the new arms race has begun, it has increased financial pressure on the government. Western historians write that this financial pressure also contributed to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Thus America’s “Star Wars program” also participated in the collapse of the Soviet Union. But the time is finally up. Russia’s new military plans . They are thinking how to break the latest Russian arsenal? In fact, in the past twenty years, the United States has incurred $ 23 trillion in wars. Assume the vastness of this amount is $ 1 trillion, $ 1 billion, while the whole of Pakistan has an annual budget of $ 52 billion.

The US public or total debt is rising by twelve thousand dollars per second. With this heavy debt, the US government allocates billions of dollars for new military projects, so it will plunge further into the debt swamp. Thanks to the fact that the desire to rule the world is slowly taking the American ruling class to the brink.

Russia ” The 400 “(S-400 Missile System) has built the world’s most effective and best missile defense system. Recently, Russian President Putin announced in a pleasant note that Russia also received an “Avangard” missile. It is the fastest missile in the world that can handle up to 27 m.p.h. As if he was capable of flying at 33 thousand kilometers per hour. This is the first feature of the Russia missile. It has small wings. They can also fly right to left.

During flight this movement is another feature of this latest Russian weapon. This type of missile is called “Hyper Sonic Glide Vehicle” or “Boost Glide” in the term. Due to its high speed and two mobility capabilities, no missile defense system in the world can stop the target at the moment. That is why it has now become the most dangerous bomb in the world.

The Ongard is first sent into the atmosphere by a ballistic missile. Upon reaching a height of about one hundred kilometers, the Ongard is separated from the ballistic missile. He then travels at a speed of 20 to 27 mph and comes down. During that time he is sometimes up, down, right, sometimes left. Experts say that the movement of the Ongard is the charisma of the sensitive devices installed in it. Some experts believe that the aviation bomber has a guidance system that will operate with the help of ground radars and aerospace planets.

For any missiles dropped off the ground due to constant movement, it will become very difficult to target the missiles. Obviously, it will only be able to hold a missile that is at least 30 to 35 mph. But scientists have so far been able to make earth-wide missiles with a maximum speed of four or five meters. That is why it becomes overwhelming.

To be clear, there is a fundamental difference between the ballistic missile and the Ongard hypersonic guided vehicle. When a ballistic missile travels a hundred kilometers high, its path is determined. The reason is that it does not have animation system installed. Although falling, it is also very fast. This fast makes the ballistic missile a dangerous weapon. But the Hyper Sonic Guide Vehicle

Or a flying bomb is an even more destructive weapon. The reason is that it has the ability to be dynamic in addition to friction.

With these two features, Ongard has the magical ability to deactivate any missile defense system.
The length of the mangrove is about eighteen feet and the weight of two tons. In addition to conventional ammo, an atom bomb can be placed. The atom bomb is powered by two megatons of TNT. To be clear, a US atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima only has 15kg of power. One megaton is equivalent to one thousand kilotons. As if Avanagad is capable of carrying two thousand times more powerful atomic bombs than a US-destroying Japanese city.
New cold war
On March 10, 2018, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, while addressing his people, had said that Russia’s scientists and engineers were trying to invent new conventional and nuclear weapons. One of them was an undergraduate who is now dressed in practical clothing. Russian specialists are also engaged in research and experiments to build nuclear missiles and nuclear warhead torpedoes. In addition, the number of Russian forces has increased significantly over the past eight years. Russia’s war budget is also rising.

All of this is in order to make Russia a superpower. In the world, from the sixth to the seventeenth centuries, the Muslim states were superpowers. One of the main reasons was that the weapons of the Muslim forces were modern. Muslim scientists and engineers used to conduct research and experiments to create new weapons. But when the Muslim rulers and the masses also fell into luxury, Allah took away the honor of the merchant world. The fall of the Muslim superpower began in September 1683 when the Turkish army was defeated at Vienna (Austria). After that, Western forces occupied many Islamic countries one by one. The main reason for this occupation was that Western scientists were now developing sophisticated weapons. This trend is still going on.

There are many historical, religious, cultural, economic and cultural differences between Russia and the West. That is why the conflict between Russia and the Western countries continues. Russia is now re-emerged as a military force. Like the twentieth century, the second cold war has arisen in the 21st century between Russia and Western countries, especially the United States, Britain. Russia and China can become allies in the new Cold War. Remember, Russia is ahead of China in the science and technology of the military. However, the Chinese government is also spending large amounts of money on military science and technology. The answer is that the latest weapons can be invented.

This new cold war will endanger world peace. Allies of the war will attack each other’s interests in different countries by becoming a proxy. In this case, it is imperative for Islamic countries not to become openly involved with Russia or the United States and Britain in this new Cold War. Otherwise the fire of war can engulf them too. Contemporary wars and civil wars in the Islamic countries of Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Palestine, Libya, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso have spawned global superpower conspiracies.

Peace is our need
Pakistan has also been a target of global power interests since day one. This conspiratorial game damaged Pakistan’s economy, economy and politics. Now the Pakistani government’s powers should try not to become an active part of the superpowers’ conspiracies and manipulation games. In the last one hundred years, the fact has been made that the country where there is peace and prosperity, makes economic progress and becomes a prosperous state. Therefore, the priority of the government of Pakistan should also be to create peace in Pakistan so that economic activities can flourish and grow. With the development of the economy, the people of Pakistan will be able to get rid of problems like poverty, sickness, ignorance and unemployment.

For some years, the Pakistani government has taken various steps to get closer to Russia. This is a positive process. But our regimes must remember that Russia is still our enemy, India’s main military ally. This year, Indian forces will receive Russian-made S400-missiles. This missile defense system has the power to balance power in the subcontinent. Russia and India are also producing Brahmos cruise missiles together. India’s aircraft carrier Vikram Aditya is undergoing repair and upgrading in Russia. Russia may also provide India with other dangerous weapons in the future. Given the close proximity of Russia and India, it is clear that we do not want to expect more from the Russian ruling class.

Pakistan has recently developed a two-seat JF Thunder aircraft with Chinese cooperation, which is great news. This example suggests that Pakistan should partner with China so that it can acquire modern military science and technology. It is believed that Pakistani scientists and engineers will soon invent the S-400 missile defense system.

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